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hangout n : a frequently visited place [syn: haunt, resort, repair, stamping ground]

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  1. A favorite place for spending time; also : a place frequented for entertainment or for socializing
    Every Friday, Geoff and his group of friends all met at their favorite hangout to talk and have a good time.

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A hangout is a, usually informal, social gathering place. Often it is a place of business, such as a restaurant or a store that is not normally considered a place where separate groups mingle. A hangout can be a general location like a street corner, a cul de sac, or a distinctive tree. Usually it is sheltered enough to provide enough privacy for a group to gather without drawing unwanted attention, yet convenient and visible enough for it to get noticed by other potential participants, but still relying primarily on word of mouth.
The atmosphere at a hangout is often more akin to a party, not unlike a bar or pub, but the participants typically provide their own, if any, intoxicants, or get them from other non-employees at the hangout. Music is regularly prevalent at a hangout, either from portable radios, a jukebox, or car radios, but could be a live performance. The music is often part of the identity of the related group.

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baths, casino, club, clubhouse, gambling house, gathering place, haunt, health resort, honky-tonk, joint, meeting place, purlieu, rallying point, rendezvous, resort, spa, springs, stamping ground, watering place
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